Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Planning Your Moments

Wow! Talk about contradicting myself. A few entries ago I wrote about how we should live in the moment. Today I am not only thinking about that but also thinking about how we also need things to look forward to. There are so many things you can look forward to. A trip, a outing with friends, a shopping trip. All things that take a lot of your time but what I am really talking about is the time you take for you. The time you plan that nurtures you.

I thought about this for the past hour or so because I haven't seen my grand babies for five whole days and I am having grandchild withdraw. I am looking forward to seeing them on Thursday afternoon and playing with them for a few hours. I almost hate to say it but since I became less of a social butterfly it is almost like I don't look forward to much anymore. I know what you are thinking, I have to be depressed. No I'm not, fortunately for me, as many chronically ill people do suffer from depression, I am thankful I don't. The reason I don't look so forward to much anymore is the pay off. The payoff no one understands. You could understand why I don't look forward to much if you were able to live in my body the day or two after I do something that over taxes my body and even my mind. You see, chronic illness not only plays havoc on your body but your mind too. Your brain is so busy getting all these messages that you become wore out very fast not only physically but mentally. When I get to a certain point in an evening my brain will actually shut off. I am unable to take in much more information and I know that is when it is time to leave and get home to calm my mind, body, and soul. I will tell you yoga has done wonders for me not only for the mind calming but also for my physical condition. I am making a turn on the right direction by doing yoga and I am grateful I finally took the step and tried it. Doing things for yourself is important. I know now days we are almost made to feel guilty if we take time for ourselves, we shouldn't!

The point of this is to understand even though you must try to live in the moment you must also have things you look forward to. The things that keep your mind and your soul happy. The little things that give you purpose when you are held up in chains by chronic illness or if you live a normal stress filled life. I have many little look forward to things. Seeing my kid and grand kids. Knowing I have many different art projects I can do if the mood hits me. The thought of having a night alone with my husband and turning our phones off and just laying together talking. My yoga class once a week and the yoga I now incorporate in my daily living. These are just a few more things that give me purpose and a reason to continue living as much of a normal life as possible. With that being said even though I look forward to things I still try as hard as I can to live in the moment I am in and savor every minute of it. So in reference to the entry that was about living in the moment I also believe we have to plan some things to keep ourselves going. The two go hand in hand, planning and living in the moment. You must have things you love to do and do them. You must have passions that allow you to live in the moment. I hope you are able to think of a few of yours and plan and live them with zeal.

God Bless!


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