Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sleep is a Issue for those of us in pain

I sure do have problems when I sleep. Pain has a way of keeping you awake throughout the night. It seems you can fall asleep only to be awaken by pain. It may be searing pain, it may be minor pain, but either way it is pain. I don't understand why pain, at least for me, is worse when I lay down. If I stay vertical I am okay, just okay, but at least okay. But as soon as I hit the pillow it all begins. The neck, the hip, the back, the shoulders, the knees, the foot. I am not sure but I think it is because I try to stay vertical during the day and when I hit the pillow my body goes into some sort of shock for some reason. I don't know the answer. I try to figure it out but I stop trying when I can't get the answer. I figure sometimes it is easier to just stop thinking than to drive myself nuts trying to figure it out.

I love the picture above because I can so relate with all the pillows. I am surrounded by pillows. Propping this up or propping that up, all through the night. Many times I am able to find relief in a prop and other times not so much. It all depends of what is going on in any given night as far as the pain. I am cutting down on the steroids and I wonder if that is beginning to cause me more pain and causing me more weakness. I know it is affecting me physically in other ways too but I am trying to fight the downward spiral and hoping the adrenals start working on their own. It isn't much fun but I push on as usual. I continue to prop. I continue to stay vertical and keep moving. What more can you do? Give up? NOT an option and like I always tell myself things could be worse.

We will see what happens tonight.

God Bless!


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