Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's all Fun and Games...or is it?
I makes me chuckle when I see these puzzles floating around facebook. The first three words explain you to a tee. Really? Ha! Well, maybe on some days they might but what about those other days when you are having a bad day? Or when a someone you love gets sick or dies? Or you decide to watch the news and get so pissed off you have to switch the channel to something lovely to remind you there is still good out there. What about those days you struggle with personal issues? You might not be feeling all chipper and happy like the words tell you to on many days. Plus I laugh because we all feel these good words about ourselves but I wonder on the days that we feel them if other people feel the same about us. The days we may have pissed someone off and they are really mad at us for either speaking the truth or thinking we should have kept our big mouth shut. I'm pretty sure I do that to many people on a weekly basis and I don't even realize it. Yet, another problem with the world, we get mad at someone and instead of talking to them we clam up and let the anger build and build. Life is funny that way. When I saw this the other day, as I have many times before, I thought more deeply about it for some reason this time. Then when I left the computer I thought about it even more and wondered why they didn't have one of these for the bad days in life. I'm sure we could all put some of our own words there, some not so pretty in fact. After I thought about an anger puzzle I began to devise a chronic illness puzzle in my head. Words popped into my head and something told me to grab a piece of paper so I did. I started to write down the words of not only physical but the emotional side of illness on a daily basis. All the things no one gets unless they live it. I wonder what people would think if this puzzle popped up on facebook. Let me guess, whiner, complainer, this can't be real, everyone hurts, I could go on but I am pretty sure there would be people shrugging their shoulders and thinking this is bs, well except for those of us who live it, so I decided to myself I'm going to make a chronic illness puzzle, insert chuckle here.


N  M  I  S  U  N  D  E  R  S  T A  N  D  I  N  G  A
E  P   L U  D  R  A  C H E  S  T   I   R  E D  V W
G  M E D   I  C   I   N E  S  R  S  Q  M E X   I  C
A  L  S  Z  O  D  O  C T  O R  S  W  T  B U  W L
T  S  R  O  L  L  E  R C O A S  T E  R  O M W I
I  W Q  T  O  I   N  S  O M N I A  P  S  Q  A  L O
S  W E  L  L  I  N  G   Y  T M L S  H S  D  A  O S
E  L  P  Z  G K I   M R  T  V J  O  I  N T  S  P V
E  L Q M  H  I P  L  Y  E  H E M O T I  O N S
N  I  B  S   H X E F  A  T  I G  U E L P N O S T
E  N  O  U  C H  S  C  R E  A M  S K I  B E S Z
R  G W  E  A  K  N E S  S  R  E  S  T  T I  M E S
G  F  K  H  M U S  C  L  E   I  P  N  J  S  G   B E
Y  C  A  N  C  E  L  E  D  P  L  A  N  S  R  E  S  T 

Well, there ya go. The worst word search in the history of womankind. Lol crooked but still there to get the point across. Oh and that's another thing. You don't care if things aren't perfect anymore because trying to be perfect and do it all the way it is suppose to be done sucks the energy out of you. The energy you need keep up on the laundry, sweep, clean up the house, etc. End of story.

God Bless!


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