Friday, February 19, 2016

Your Cold vs My Cold

Cold and flu season is upon us here in Michigan. The time of the year we all dread but know is coming. Last week I started coming down with some burning in my chest that didn't have any other symptoms but for me it was a warning. The red flashing warning lights began blinking in my head. My first thought was oh no here we go. I wasn't wrong. It's funny how you get to know your body so well when you are chronically ill and automatically know what your symptoms will eventually turn into. I knew bronchitis was on its way to torture me. I thought I dodged the whole chest cold issue this year because I actually did get a regular cold a few months ago that was a head cold. I was thankful for that even though the sinus' are still an issue with the after effects of that virus. I kept thinking I won't get sick anymore this cold and flu season because I paid my dues with that head cold. Guess I was wrong as usual. I finally gave in yesterday and sent my doctor a message. With my symptoms and my history she wanted me to be seen. Oh I fought it belive me. I went back and forth with Rich and my daughter allowing them to convience me to go. When you are sick a lot you learn to wait because tomorrow "it will be better." In the back of my head and with my crappy immune system I knew this wasn't going to get better on its own so I went. The whole drive was like pulling teeth. I questioned should I go after all most colds are virus' so no medications are going to make them go away. I mean a cold for the normal world is a cold like the one I has last time. It's almost a joke how excited I was with the last time because it didn't turn into an infection. I remember thinking to myself,"See you can be normal." I must have gotten a little too smart for myself so this time I'm paying the price? With the asthma my breathing was not good at all. My wheezing was so loud and with the rattleling I could actually feel it deep in my chest. Plus this whole week I hardly moved off the couch. A huge no no for me. I try to keep moving the best I can so when I am down it makes me feel crazy and truthfully worthless. It's a chronic illness thing. The doctor listened to my lungs and said the bronchitis was in both lungs. Treatment du-jour z-pack with a side of steroids. Diagnosis down, script in hands, I headed to Walgreens. Before I left the parking lot I did my inhaler because the cough and breathing needed a little boost at the moment. I left the parking lot and you think it would have ended there but not for me. When the doc said steroids it freaked me out. I've been on them before and it wasn't always a good experience. He told me it was up to me but they would help me breathe better. I filled the script but the whole drive home all I could think was there is no way I'm taking them. Then last night came and the cough was only getting worse. I decided if I was still as bad as I was at that moment I would break down and start them in the morning. Well guess what? This morning I took the first one and I am so glad I did. My airways opened and felt better. I'm sure the antibiotics are beginning to kick in also because tonight my wheezing is better than it was. I know I have a ways to go but it's the beginning to the end of this installment of living with chronic illness. I also learned another lesson. I protect myself from germs as much as I can this time of year. I avoid large groups, wash my hands, use hand sanitizer, and do the best I can health wise as I struggle everyday, but I realize I still get sick. Right now the world is a cesspool of germs and illness for all of us. The best advice we can all learn from is to try not to pass our germs out in the world when we are sick. I know that's not always easy when you have a family depending on your paycheck but if you have to be out there at least try to keep your germs to yourself. That there my friend is why I'm not going out of the house until I am back to my "normal." Take care out there my friends!

God Bless!


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