Thursday, May 3, 2012

Facebook May Have Changed The World But It Has Given Me So Much More

I remember when our daughter Steph kept hounding me to get a facebook account, for the longest time I would say things like, "I don't need that,' or "Why do I need to waste time on the internet I am never going to go on there anyways." Finally after quite a few months I gave in, as you all know by now, and let Steph set me up. It seems since I began my facebook page I have become addicted and not because of the selfishness in me but mostly for two important reasons. The first being that I am able to share the goodness in my heart with all of you and seconding being that I am able to hear all the goodness many other people have in their hearts and learn from them. Learn I do!

For quite a while now I have been inspired by many people out there but no more than when I read how someone has helped another without any regards as to what they themselves will get from it. People, just like you, who have given of themselves to a homeless person,  to a ill friend, to a family member struggling with illness or the countless other issues I read about. People like you who are just there at the right time and doing good for others. After all that IS what the world is about, isn't it?

I was always brought up by my parents to put others needs ahead of my own and I have tried to do so. So when I read of someone else doing the same thing my heart swells and tears well up in my eyes. When I read of the good deeds of two of my fellow classmates in the past few weeks it really hit home. Both of the helped homeless people on the street, not by offering them food or money, but just by offering a piece of their heart. For that I am humbled. You see, I went on a mission trip quite a few years back with the youth group to the inner city of Chicago, and no I'm not bragging! This was an area where gang activity controlled the streets, one night we were serving at a mission and had to leave fast because the gangs were headed our way.
We met many homeless people on this trip, not people who wanted our money, but people who just wanted to tell us their story. It was humbling to say the least so when I hear stories of others just being there I can identify. It is sad to me that we categorize homeless people as bums or low lives when in reality they are you and I just hit with bad circumstances. I think my kindness came from my father who was a police officer. He would tell stories of how they would pick up the homeless and take them to Mel Trotter or one of the many hospitals so they wouldn't freeze to death on the streets when they were drunk and passed out along the side of the road. See, you thought the police were only out to get you but in reality they are good men and woman who only want to help others and they instill that in their children by their actions on the street. I remember my parents would drive us around GR and show us the boxes, viadox, the holes they would crawl into and sleep just trying to stay warm. I couldn't believe people lived like that and it help make the person I am today.

The point of this is not to make anyone feel guilty but to understand when you are on facebook think about what people post. Don't just skim over it and think someone is bragging about themselves or they are trying to get recognition. Realize there are some really good people out there. Learn from the lessons they are teaching you/me. Allow facebook to change your world. I feel that facebook makes me want to be an even better person as I struggle day to day. I feel fortunate to be able to share my struggles and encourage another person even when I do not realize I do so. Today, tomorrow, or the next time you may be out in the world, take a minute. A minute to soak in all that is going on around you and if the opportunity warrants, give something back, not money, but a piece of your heart and you might be surprised and realize someone is giving you a piece of theirs at the same time.

God Bless,


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