Friday, May 25, 2012

Next Step: Chiropractic Care

If you have learned anything about me at all over the past few months hopefully you have learned how I love to share not only the struggles in my life with chronic illness, but also the goodness that comes into my life. I have some goodness to share and none of the bad stuff this time.

Last fall Rich became very ill with many physical symptoms, long story short, one of his ribs was displaced on the left side of his rib cage. We tried many different things to try to get him to feel better but it wasn't working. One day at work one his co-workers was talking about his Chiropractor and how much he was/is helped by Dr. Swindle at Life Family Chiropractic Centre. Rich came home that evening and told me all his friend had to say and we both decided what do you have to lose? Nothing. The progress he was making so far in trying to get that rib back in place was not working so we were hopeful this may be the answer. Along with all this Rich was very stressed and his neck was giving him headaches and pain also. If you have ever had continual pain you can understand how it affects every aspect of your life. Your mood, your whole body, your energy level, and the list goes on.

Rich started to see Dr Swindle and within a few weeks he began to feel better. His neck and headaches were better within the first week. He started to return to his old happy self in a matter of a few weeks. It has been a few more months since he began his regular appointments and he continues to feel better with each passing week. The rib pain is much better as he continues bi-weekly care for now. It is so good to have him feeling so much better, as you know with all my issues having him sick as well is not a good combination.

I have been struggling with awful migraines lately and for a month or so Rich would drop little hints to me and say, "You should just try seeing Dr. Swindle and and see if it helps. If you get worse then you can stop going but if you get better it will be all worth it." I thought about it for a while. With all my inflammation I was very nervous. I can have someone touch me and it can send me into a flare for days. As my migraines got worse and more frequent I decided I would try Chiropractic care. I saw Dr Swindle two weeks ago. The first visit we talked and his wife did x-rays. The next visit Dr Swindle started showed me the x-rays and explained all that was going on and he began the actual care by working on my spine from top to bottom. I have had four visits with him and I am already beginning to feel better. I still had a couple of headaches but at least I am not waking up every morning with one like I was before, mind you I have had four treatments. I am hopeful the more I go the better I will get. I can already feel my body starting to feel better as a whole. I cannot explain it but something is changing. Of course I do believe in the mind body connection so I am sure that is helping too. I am sleeping better and sleep means a better day, this is still not great and I woke up last night with pain but it is because I needed to see him. Over time with all the work he does, my spine should eventually stay where it is suppose to stay and then I will just need regular monthly maintenance appointments to keep everything in place.

When I went on Monday Dr measured my feet on a scanner in order to get me fitted for some custom inserts for my shoes and to hopefully help my foot problems. They have also suggested a special pillow that you can adjust to your neck by filling with water so it will hold your neck stable while you sleep. I can't tell you how excited I am to get this pillow, 50% of my pain and problems at night are caused by my pillow. I have tried them all, believe me, so this is one I am really excited to try. I will let you know the results when it comes in.

In ending this entry I would just like to say this is a very friendly office. I do believe that Dr Swindle and his staff genuinely want to help their patients to feel better. They also have supplements and other products available for anyone interested if he suggests them for your care plan. I also like the fact that they leave your care up to you. They present what might help you and then you decide what you want to do or what you do not want to do. There is no pressure of them bothering you to do this or try that. Personally for me that is a big deal as I have had to deal with so many medical issues and decisions over the past five years. I like to decide what is right for me and not have someone talking down to me like I am an idiot and cannot figure out how to take care of myself.

If you live in this area and are interested in seeing Dr Swindle at Life Family Chiropractic Centre the address is 5795 Balsam in Jenison, MI 49428. Phone # is 616-662-1191, and you can like them on Facebook. I did and I got a free 30 minute massage :) Of course for me and all my issues it will take me a month to decide if I am ready to try massage or not but it sure is nice to have a Doctors office that treats you like you are a person and not just a number.

God Bless!


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