Sunday, April 29, 2012

Giving Of Yourself Can Change The World

Richie and Leah graduated yesterday along with over 11,000 other young men and woman. I know they all worked very hard to earn their degree as Michigan is a very demanding school to attend and they all spent countless hours studying to get to this day, graduation. Of course I am proud as ever to see them both graduate and now they must take all they learned and apply it to the world, the real world. Although Richie will be moving on with Pharmacy School for the next four years but he will also be in working world as well at the VA hospital. Leah will search for her first job and I know once she finds it she will contribute much to wherever she ends up. I know it won't be easy because the world can be a wicked place at times. My hope is they try to see the good in all that is out there instead of focusing on all the bad and the negative. I hope they are able to make the world a better place as we all should be trying to do, they will! If you look around it seems the bad is beginning to over power the good, all you need to do is hop in your car and take a drive and it begins. I believe we can make a difference in the goodness of the world, even if it starts with our driving.

Yesterday made me think even more about not only Richie and Leah's "new" life but about my own life. It makes me ponder even more on what I am contributing to the world. My dreams. Oh I still have them, many of which I wonder to myself, how can I make any of them come true now? I have always wanted to change the world but now it seems so impossible for me. I have always dreamed of being out there and making a difference. I have always thought of it as being and doing something huge, something that would change many lives. I tried many times. I really did, but along the path I found that changing many lives can be very hard. The world is a brutal place and for you to succeed really BIG and it takes more than what you have in your heart. It takes people to believe in you .Unfortunately  it is very hard when the only people who truly believe in you 100% are the ones whom love you for who you are, so I have failed in trying to change the world in the way I always thought I would.

What I have learned is that even though I haven't changed the world in a big was I still have changed the world, maybe not in the way I thought I would on a grander scale, but in the lives of people I have tried to help, one person at a time. I remember many youth group aged kids who confided in me about the hardships in their lives. The hugs I was able to give them along with the love or understanding they never felt they were getting from anyone else. I remember the Hospice patients I listened to and cried with whom never told their family what they really felt deep down inside but for some reason trusted me with their inner most deepest thoughts. I look at my children and I see what a good mother I was to them. I often hear mothers say how they regret the things they wish they had done with their children, I have no regrets when it comes to my children. I believe all I taught and shared with them has brought them to a place where they can do the same now. It is a very heartwarming when I can see the three of them picking careers that help others, all three in the medical field and all three sharing a piece of themselves to help someone else and maybe even saving a life. I have watched them struggle, I have watched them succeed, but most of all I have watched them grow into caring human beings and I wonder to myself what could I have done differently with them? Nothing! For me that in it self is enough to change the world. I could go on but I don't want to bore you to much or make you think I am bragging on myself, I'm not! These are parts of the story of my life. We all have a story!

As I look back I realize I have changed the world, I just never realized I did. I should be proud of all that I have accomplished with my small little life, but as I look ahead I see the same. I may not be able to do much physically but my heart is still huge and is still able to love and care for another. Degree or no degree. Job or no job. The point is we all can do something even when we feel what we do doesn't change the world, it maybe be saving someones life, or just being there to listen to someone. Giving love out to others is sharing a piece of yourself in a way that money or things can never do. Receiving a piece of someones heart is so much more than things. When we are dead and gone you will leave a piece of yourself behind. Think about what you will be leaving behind. Think about what will be remembered when your name is spoken in remembrance. What will it be? Have you ever even taken the time to think about it? Maybe now is the time for you to start doing so.

God Bless and keep on giving!


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