Friday, July 5, 2013

I Can't Keep My Mouth Shut

Outraged. Sickened. Pissed. Angry. Need I go on? Who in the world would I be talking about in such a hard bitter angry manner? Well, since you asked, The Wonderful Media. I have had it up to my eyeballs with the media blowing things way out of proportion and basically trying to wreck lives. Paula Deen is a perfect example. I am sickened beyond words at the unacceptable way they have torn and picked at Paula. I am not a news person and I try to stay away at all costs but this story got me and I had to follow some of it and only because I was outraged. I watch Matt, ding dong, on the Today show and he makes me want to barf. He is such a rude egotistical jerk. I have never understood why everyone likes him. He speaks to people in a belittling manner that is unacceptable. I am not just talking about Paula either. I have watched him in the past attack people and almost leave them speechless. These types of reporters are the ones who need to be put in their place and who need a wake up call to realize we are all people. We all make mistakes now and then and we all need to be forgiven. I am sure if we dug far enough into Matt's past we could find some dirt but what would be the point? Seriously. I can imagine if we dug into everyone's past their would be dirt. We have ALL done or said something that we shouldn't have. Why? Because we are human. I have about two or three handfuls of stories about when I grew up on the streets of Grand Rapids. All the times my life was threatened and I was called a certain name I shouldn't have been called. Am I ready to plaster those names over the radio and television waves? NO! I remember them, I remember every incident but I have forgiven and it is in the past. My stories might even blow your mind and sometimes I wonder how I survived but I did. I grew and I grew up, unlike our media who all act like a bunch of children need to grow up. I am so sick and tired of this mixed up world thinking they can treat human beings like they are pieces of trash. Reporting about someone being fat or ugly or why would they wear that do this say that, etc? What have we come to? What happened to the days of neighbor helping neighbor instead of picking them apart about what they have or what they look like? I'm confused. I wonder if anyone ever thinks about the reason why we are here. Are we here to love or are we here to hate because to me the hate is showing through much more than the love lately. It seems to get worse and worse as each year passes. I wonder sometimes if I can take much more of this but then what other choice is there?

So, in the end here is the point of this blog: HEY, MEDIA: SHUT THE HELL UP, WOULD YOU?
The end.

I can't even end this with God Bless so it is just Dianne for today.


  1. I agree with you Dianne! The media is one of the main reason why depression & suicide is on the rise in my opinion! America needs to wake up & take a stand against this HATE trend being promoted & encouraged by news reporters & the media!! They are all getting rich from the pain & suffering from the pain & Suffering they are instigating! It needs to be dealt with, we need to band together to put to an end to it!!!

  2. Bravo! This whole Paula Deen thing is the most RIDICULOUS thing I have ever heard in my life. Obviously someone has it out for her. Great post!