Sunday, August 21, 2011

Returning- We Carry A Center That Is Always Returning

I think it amazing how Rich and I can discuss something and a few days later I read something that pertains to it so perfectly. We talking about how many times you are really in the moment you are in. How it seems we are always a step ahead of ourselves thinking about the next thing we have to get done instead of being fully present in the exact moment we are in.
This is what I read a couple days later:

We all stray from the moment in particular ways. If we meet someone and begin a new relationship, it isn't long before we're walking hand in hand, while wondering if we will sleep together; and if and when we do , we wonder if we will live together; and if and when we do, we are wondering if we will have children-and on and on.
This happens with fear, and pain as well. In diagnosis, I feared surgery. In surgery, I feared treatment. In treatment, I feared stronger treatment. In recover, I feared recurrence.
No one can avoid the straying, but our health depends on the breath that stops us from straying further. No matter how far we've gone, it is the practice of returning to whatever moment we are living now that restores us, because only when fully in each moment can we draw strength from the Oneness of things.-Mark Nepo

If there is one thing I have learned the past few years it is this, living in the moment. Clouding out all else that exist and focusing only on the moment I/we are in. It makes those moment so much more enjoyable and special. It is like I want to soak up all I can in that moment and remember it all. Illness changes things. You look at the simple moments in life so much differently.

Be aware of your moments and live them as if they are your last. You never know, they just might be.


  1. There is a book by Spencer Johnson called The Present that talks about focusing on where you are right now. It's targeted for business/customer service (and I had to read it as a staff development exercise) but it really has a lot to say about taking time to just 'be.'

  2. Thanks Robin I will check this out. I appreciate your comments!