Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Doctor- Friend Or Foe

SSSSSHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww. Ah! I made it through another doctor's appointment! You have no idea what a huge relief that is for me. It is like letting the air out of an over inflated tire, ya it feels as good as that sounds, the sound coming out of my mouth of course. Free and clear for another three months, or so I hope!

I would never be the one to complain about doctors especially at this time in my life. Bahaha good one, of course I have complained about doctors who am I trying to kid here. With that being said, I have some pretty amazing Doc's taking care of me at this time and I thank the Lord for them everyday. Today I saw, Dr. Jolene Key, my Rheumatologist and she is always such a joy. I have never had a doctor who was so through and detailed about my health issues in all my life. She asks questions I would never think were related to Arthritis, none the less she does, and they are. I feel like I am a team player with her instead of just another bench warmer. She always respects me, ask what I think, and throws a few jokes in there and there. Today it was, "Don't you think last Saturday four drinks was too many for your liver, remember what we talked about last time?" How the heck does she remember what we talked about the last time? I do remember, two drinks per week, max, but how she could remember that with all the patients she see's?  So of course at the end, when we were almost done I asked her if she was going to have a few when she got home since I was on her appointment roster today. She laughed and said, "YES!" We always joke about me because I am such a difficult case, as she puts it. Oh well, my goal in life to be difficult and hard to figure out, with everyone else that is fine, not so much with your doctors.

Then, there is tragedy that strikes once in a while in the life of being a patient. One of your prized Doctors decides to take another position in another city. This time my favorite Dr. Kevin Hayes, whom I developed more of a friendship with then a doctor patient relationship has jumped ship on me, threw me into the ocean to drown without a life jacket. Of course, I am just kidding there. I am very happy for him as he moves to Lansing to begin a new practice, but geeze Dr Hayes what the heck am I gonna do with my neck and hip now? Did you ever think of that when you were making your decision? I mean really, like I always say it is all about me, isn't it? LOL!
Dr. Hayes is my Osteopathic Manipulation Medicine/Therapy doc. Whoopsies there I go, was, not is. He made me laugh, really laugh, he made me realize not all doctors are jerks, he helped me realize I need to take care of this body I have with all his little tips. I would see him in horrible pain and walk out feeling better. He is also the doctor who helped me get my cervical spine fused. I am indebted to him forever. If not for him I am convinced I would still be living in excruciating pain with a very screwed up neck. He taught me well, but I still do not want to have to find another OMM doc. So, if you read this Dr. Hayes, come back to where you belong, would ya?

It is extremely hard to find another doc for anything when you live with chronic illness and many other chronic medical conditions. The first time I go with my history and meds list they ALL look at me like I have four eyes, a purple nose, and red lips. Oh wait I do have red lips, whoops!  Really I think I have the word hypochondriac written across my forehead sometimes. Unlike Dr Key or Dr Hayes the new doctors have not not had the pleasure, or maybe the curse, of getting to know me as a person and find out that I am a happy, well adjusted, educated person, and no I DO NOT LIKE GOING TO THE DOCTOR and would prefer to avoid them at all cost. But I realize I do need them to live a somewhat normal existance.

So for now I press on hoping I do not need a doctor for a while, trying not to worry about it, but also knowing in the back of my mind I will, and that is ok. Just ok.

May God Bless each and everyone of you who read this, he sure has blessed me!


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