Friday, October 21, 2011

Dear Dr. Hayes, I Did It

So you read the title and ask, did what? Well, If you have read my past blogs you would know I had a doctor I loved who decided to leave and take a job in Lansing, Dr. Kevin Hayes. I will call him doctor for the sake of just that, he went to medical school and was officially a doctor. To me Dr. Hayes was more than that. He was a friend, a miracle worker, and someone who truly cared for me and my health.

Dr. Hayes was/is not your typical doctor. Yes, he treated me and my pain issues, but more than that he gave me tips and assured me that my health was my body working as a whole. He was my OMT, Osteopathic Manupulation Therapy Doctor. He worked on my muscles helping to relieve the pain I was so often in. After he worked on me I would feel like a new person, not only physically but mentally. I miss him terribly since he left.

It was all the little things he would do when he worked on me that helped me also. When I came in he would put music on he knew I liked, Tom Petty being one. He would turn the lights off because he knew my eyes were sensitive to the fluorescent lighting used in doctors offices. When I said I didn't do much exercises the since the last time I saw him he would say he understood, even if he didn't, I felt he did. I would tell him I know I need to lose weight and he would say right now you just have to focus on feeling better and not be so hard on yourself. He would tell me I was a "complicated" case and not a "difficult" case like all my other doctors call me. I like complicated because it keeps people guessing, while difficult sound like I am hard to get along with and I'm not.

I miss you Dr. Hayes but as the title states, I did it! I finally called a new OMT doctor and made an appointment. Now for me you must understand this is like climbing Mount Everest. It has been over two months since the last time I saw Dr. Hayes and I am doing terrible without him. So I was forced to make the decision to make this appointment. Something I dread, meeting a new doctor who will look at  me like I am crazy when he reads my past medical history and surely think, 1. you are fat. 2, you can't really have all of these problems, 3. you are lazy, and 4. you mean I have to risk my medical license and work on someone like you? YIKES! Dr. Hayes never did this to me or treated me like I was bonkers. I could walk in the room to see him and he would be able to tell how I was doing just by looking at me. He would say, you are looking good today or oh no today is not a good day is it? He just knew. Dr Hayes is the one who found out I had the two disc in my neck that needed to be fused while all the other doctors I told about my excruciating pain had told me I just need to go to PT and exercise it more, even my primary care doctor. My neck is so much better after having the surgery and seeing Dr. Hayes. I owe him so much!

So now I will fret for the next few weeks, spend hours to prepare my notes which are really a short story, and go on to meet my new victim, whoops I mean doctor and pray he will be able to help me like Dr. Hayes did. If not I may just be driving to Lansing to meet back up with him.

In ending it is my hope that Dr. Hayes reads this and comes back to me because you know I was his best patient ever and why wouldn't he want to come back to me even though I did keep him on his toes. I hope he would return for his other patients here who miss him just as much, but most of all I hope he comes back for my own selfish reasons, mostly because he made my life much more bearable on a daily basis. I hope if you have a doctor whom helps you and cares for you, like I did with Dr. Hayes, you take the time to tell him/her. After all they are people just like you and I. Well, most of them are anyways there are a few whom are questionable but I won't go there right now.

I miss you Dr. Hayes

God Bless,


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