Monday, October 3, 2011

Your Legacy

What is a Legacy? Really! I mean we think of a legacy as something we leave behind when we leave this earth but in reality are we not living our legacy each and every day? I was watching a show and Oprah was talking about this so of course being the deep person I am I began thinking, no wait, obsessing over this issue. It made me think of a few things as I thought about it today.
In all reality, what you do today will become your legacy.  I always think about when someone dies we all the sudden turn them into a perfect person. Of course this does not mean many of them were not really good people it just always makes me wonder when I hear someone say, what a great person someone was, but the last time I saw them they were bad mouthing the same person. That is always very curious to me.  Another very curious thing to me is when the people you think should care about you don't and how the people who do care about you shouldn't or really do not have any obligation to care about you, do. I don't understand so many things in this life. I really don't. Especially when I am struggling with all the why's of life. I hate to ask why and truthfully try to avoid that question it at all costs and just let things work themselves out. I have to or I'll go bonkers.
So in conclusion, through the eyes of Dianne, I believe with every person we meet we leave a piece of ourselves with them when we leave. Just as we take a piece of them with us when we go. Think about it. When you think of a certain person, insert person here________________________. (Do this with a few different people, after you read below, and see what happens.)
As you do this your heart is either smiling about that person or maybe it has reservations about them. I have people who leave my heart filled with nothing but pure joy but there are also those who fill me with sadness or anger me because of their actions towards me which I do not understand. But I still know I must try to be the person who leaves a smile on someones heart, as hard as that is sometimes with certain people. 
Don't wait to be a nice person, you just might miss your chance, be a nice person everyday that way you have nothing to worry about. The best part is you won't leave that yucky feeling in someones heart even if they leave it in yours. Plus when your time comes to leave this earth people won't have to lie about you being a good person because you made it a reality.
Of course with all of that being written you may need to be very cautious as you continue on your journey. When you are a kind hearted person people have a way of trying to take advantage of that kindness. You must learn to decipher the difference between kindness and being taken advantage of. It isn't easy because people have a way of thinking because you are kind you owe them everything. You must learn that you don't. You must learn sometimes it is better to stay away from some people for your own good. This does not make you a bad person it just means you care enough about yourself to take care of yourself. I'll end on that note!
May God bless you with kindness and goodness!

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