Thursday, November 17, 2011

Curing Pain With One Idea At A Time

Here I am forced to get up and out of bed once again because of this thing called pain. You see, I don't mind pain it has actually become one of my friends, not my best friend, more like one of those friends you learn to like even though you really wish they would just disappear from your life. The worst part for me is if I do not get enough sleep, like at least ten hours, I am in more pain and the cycle repeats itself over and over. Not to mention the emotional toll it takes on me. It makes me sad and makes me cry. I think I cry not only from the pain but the poor me syndrome and the lack of sleep. I always think to myself, but I was doing so good and wham it all changes so fast. So as I got up this morning by the force of the excruciating pain I thought of my goofy ways I wish the pain could be solved or at least managed for myself and many others.

First I thought of how I always tell Rich we should invent a Thermacare heat wrap vest and body wrap. We practically own half the company by now anyways so we should just join the inventor/idea team and come up with a prototype. I would be happy to be the guinea pig to see if it works. Every night just step into the Thermacare suit or vest and see if you are helped with pain by the morning. Genius if I do say so myself.

Coming in at close second would have to be a full body pillow. Oh I know you are thinking they already make those but I am talking of something much more complex. I haven't quite figured it out but it would go something like this. It has to be a pillow first and foremost, then it would somehow have to come up under your neck with extra support but not too much support, something you could mold into the right comfort level. The sides, both sides, would have to come down and be wide enough for you to use to hang onto once you got in a comfy position. It would also need to go from head to toe and be moldable the whole way down. I have no idea how hidious this would look but it sure can't look any worse than I do right now with six pillows crouched around every nook and cranny of my body.

The third good thought is an IV standing next to the bed with just enough drugs running through it to keep you at a comfortable pain level. No I am not talking Michael Jackson type drugs but just enough of whatever it is that works for you so every movement doesn't wake you up in pain and you are able to sleep. I won't write much further on this one because it surely is never going to happen but when you are in so much pain you are allowed to dream about things like this.

Last but not least if all else fails would be a full body transplant. Don't get me wrong I am good with the skin part of myself, but if someone could just figure out a way to scoop out all the troubled insides and replace them with working parts I would be happy to let them. Kind of like the game operation, just plunk it out and walahhhh replace with new! Today I would like a new neck, a new right pointer finger, a new lower back and a left hip. Although I must say I have already had this done to my neck, a fusion, and that is what seems to be giving me the most trouble right now, so maybe this isn't such a great idea. I need to work out the kinks in this one.

I have one more thing to touch on and that is all the people out there, doctors or educators who are experts in  pain. I love you all I really do but you really have no idea what pain is until you live with it on a daily basis. It seems the ones who tell you what you need to do have never really been in real constant pain so how can they tell you what to do? I can read or listen to someone tell me what the research says about pain, do this or do that, and until you actually experience it you really have no idea. When you are in pain that is so bad that it wakes you up from a deep sleep, even when the rest of your body and your brain are begging you not to wake, then you can tell me what I need or don't need. Until then please keep your expert opinions to yourself and I will keep daydreaming of ways to take my pain away.

Of course this is all in good fun and it keeps my mind busy and entertained as I try to deal with all of this. I hope it helps you too as you struggle with your issues. We all have our own problems and we all must decide how we will deal with them because most of my ideas are out of the question. Got any good ones?

May God bless your day whether you are in pain or free from pain!


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