Monday, November 14, 2011

It Never Seems to Stop

When I read what I wrote for the title of this post I think to myself, it really never does stop. For me it is the illness, for others it is their illness,  financial trouble, child rearing troubles, for others it is a loss of someone dear to them. It seems there is always something you hear or read each and everyday of the suffering going on in the world.

As we move on in life we never know what each day is going to bring. We may wake up feeling well and wham we are hit with some physical pain that turns our day from good to bad in an instant. For others it is a phone call that changes everything that they thought was safe and real into a nightmare. For others it may be the loss of a job they thought was secure. It seems nothing in this world is secure or a sure thing. I don't think times have changed I think it has always been like this. One tragedy after another, but for what, I wonder?

So as I think about life, after a rough night of horrible pain , I am once again focused on my faith more than usual. Don't get me wrong, my faith is always at the forefront of all my days, but when I am in this type of pain it makes me think and lean on God even more. I question everything. I go over and over in my mind and I ask why? I am tired and exhausted from hurting so bad and I just want to feel better. But then I think of the cross. I think of the pain Jesus went through to make way for me to have a life in heaven someday, free of pain, drugs, and worry. I think of others who are suffering in other ways that are unfair and I think of that cross. Without the peace of something bigger than ourselves I do not know how it is possible, at least for me, to get through all of this, and I hope for you too. I am reminded my pain is nothing compared to what some others must endure.

Even as I wonder why it never stops I keep my faith and I push on. I hope and pray, for myself and others, for better days and take what I get each day. Some good, some bad, and some that are really ugly. I pray for strength to get through all the struggles, all the while knowing I am surrounded by love, not only from my family, but from something bigger than anything possible here on earth. For that I am thankful!

May God Bless Your Day!


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