Thursday, December 1, 2011

Negative Energy vs Positive Energy

You all should have known this was coming especially after I watched the movie Have a Little Faith the other night. The day after the movie I thought about it the whole day and continue to do so everyday so far this week. So many things to write but the one that weighs heavy on my heart is the negative vs positive people in life. I really do not understand many things in life, as I am sure many of you feel the same way, but one of the biggest struggles for me is the negative people I come across on the occasions I do leave the house.

I often wonder and ponder and struggle when I think to myself the people who should care about you don't and the people who do not have any connection to you or reason to care about you do. It blows my mind at times. I am just thankful for all the people in my life who show me love even when they do not have to. The positive influences for me. The people I now choose to allow in my life. The point of this is to think of the people you come in contact with. Some when you part leave you and you feel very happy and positive but then there are others who are energy suckers that leave you exhausted and worn out after you see them. We can all relate to this. Life is not a competition. Life is about love and people, that's all.

So on those occasions that I do have to leave my haven of rest, peace and love it seems I come across so much peculiar behavior that sometimes I just come home sad. Sad in the a human faith kind of way. I begin to think back to a time when people truly cared for one another and things didn't control our lives. Times when neighbors helped neighbors. Times when hand shakes meant something and it was all that was needed for a true commitment to another person. Times when technology didn't control our lives. Remember? Seems these days we have to wonder if anybodies word is true because everything needs to have legal contracts or written agreements for the littlest things in life. Sad!

Whoops, kind of got off track there so back to the movie. As I watched this movie I wondered to myself about the whole giving aspect. In the end the church in the movie was in need of repair and ended up getting money sent in from many donors to help make the repairs. This only after Mitch Albom wrote a few articles in the press about the mission of the church. It made me wonder about the people who sent in the donations to help this broken down church. Are these the same people I run across when I am out on the streets? The people who rush for parking spaces to get there before I do? The people who cut in lines to check out before I do? The people who are rude and cut me off in traffic? The people who won't hold the door for an old lady, me. You get the picture. See, to me it isn't about sending money. Yes, we do it too, we support a few different organization but in the process we also try to live according to our purpose of being kind to others. It isn't all about a check or I went to church on Sunday. It is so much deeper than that. The living part is the part that matters not the money. We as Americans have it all wrong. It isn't about how much you can own or gain it is about people and love. So simple and we make it so hard.

I can think of the times I have called to make appointments or to check on certain orders and had to talk to customer service. The rudeness of some people is just unacceptable to me. If I get a rude person on the phone I always try to give kindness back. Believe me sometimes it sure isn't easy but I do it anyways. Or when I do get a courteous person on the other line, before I hang up I always tell them I appreciate their kindness. It just brightens someone day to know that someone does still appreciate happy, positive people over the stressed out negatives of the world. So to go along with this when I am in public and when I see a rude act being committed I always try to do something nice for someone else to make up for another person unacceptable behavior. It helps me to feel better for the person who was being treated rudely. Now that being said, I will admit I am not perfect at this either. When I am tired or in pain sometimes it is hard to hold a door for someone and I have to be the one to accept the help. But the point is if we all do something nice for one person a day then we can only have goodness surrounding us.

When your life shrinks and becomes so small because of illness you must focus on the positives in life. For me it is hearing I love you Nana. Or Nana I missed you so much, even when we were together the day before for the whole day. Or it is the lipstick marks I see on my little angels cheeks from me smothering them in kisses. Or the fingerprints on the tv. In life we are always looking for so much big stuff we forget to enjoy the positive little things that happen everyday like the things that make a child miss you when they were just with you. Or hearing how you helped someone without even knowing you did.

Be choosey about who you hang around with as much as you are choosy about your peanut butter but in all cases still choose to be positive and kind in all situation even if it is the hardest thing in the world for you to do It really does matter. Don't listen to the world, list to your heart. 

It is time people! Time to choose the positive over the negative. Which will you choose? Do better for yourself and the world by showing a little kindness. One by one we can all make a difference together instead of arguing and bickering over stupid meaningless crap. It just makes life so much easier and fun to live.

God Bless You!


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