Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Good The Bad The Ugly of Stress

I hear so many people talk about stress these days. How everyone has so much stress in life. Stress at work. How relationships cause stress. How everyone is so busy they are stressed to the max. Makes me wonder what do we do about stress? People recognize they are stressed but then they do nothing to try to keep their stress levels under control. I watch people work themselves to death, never stay home, never sit still and just be and then complain because they are so tired and stressed.  Makes me wonder...

As for me, I know when you don't work, let me rephrase that, can't work, you look at stress from a whole other perspective.
Stress for the chronically ill is so much different than stress for the healthy person. Stress for me and others like me is a stress that looks like this, waking up in the morning having to remember all the pills I need to pop to get myself going. When I get up I need a few hours to just sit and let my body adjust to being up and for the pills to get into my system so I can try to accomplish a few things for the day.
Then there is the stress of the being alone all day. You become your own best friend in many ways. I often find myself talking out loud to myself or all of the sudden out of the blue laughing out loud at something that just crossed my mind. The stress of trying to keep my house clean and only being able to do a few things a day. The stress of having to cook dinner. The stress of, oh no we have to go away tonight I will never have enough energy to do that. Those kinds of things that others take so for granted.

Then there are the times of stress that have to do with certain people who are like poison to your body. Things that happen that set my stress level through the roof. Believe me I do not allow people like this into my life but some are  unavoidable. For times like this I have a journal that I call  my bitch journal. When I get really stressed I must let that stress out somehow and I do it through the bitch journal. It helps to some degree but there are other ways that would help much more which are not an option. I tend to be a person who will just say it like it is to people while my husband does not always agree with this way so I must be a  good little girl at times when I really do not want to be. For him I do out of the love I have for him. We will just leave it at that. Hopefully no one is ever able to read my bitch journal because when I get going in it I wonder who that person is who is writing in it. Which reminds me I must show my girls this journal so they can burn it when I die, or they can sit together and read it and laugh. One of the two.

Stress for me has an all together different outcome than it does for healthy people. For me, stress may cause me to get weak, have more pain, cause extreme fatigue, etc. It exasperates the symptoms I do not need to deal with. Stress for me is like putting gasoline on a fire. A fire I deal with enough so I just try to avoid throwing gasoline on it at all costs.

So in my title I wrote the good of stress. I truly do believe there is good out of stress too. If you are true to yourself and your health you come to realize the good of stress. Stress for me, especially over the past year, has taught me who, and what I will allow in my life. I have decided over the past year to delete the bad, the poison, the crap in my life and this does include people. Sad to say, and write, but none the less the best decision I have ever made for myself. For me! Boy, I have never said that in the past because it has always been about everyone else. No more! It is so freeing to cut out the stressers and only focus on the good. Now, saying that I am not going to say I still do not have bad things go on in my life, I do, that is just a part of life. But there are certain stresses you can cut out of your life and each of us need to decide what those are for us. Everyone has that option to allow or not allow good or bad in their lives. I hope you can do the same even if you do not have health issues that are made worse by stress. But mostly for you I hope it allows you to enjoy life more and not allow others to drag you into their issues. It really is a peaceful feeling to get there!

May God Bless you as you live your life for you and make the choices that are right for you to live a more stress free life.


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