Thursday, September 22, 2011

Standing Up For Myself And It Sure Feels Good

I must tell you I am not a complainer, not at all. Anyone who knows me would attest to that. As I sit here today I just can't win, but I am not complaining. As you know a few weeks ago I was blessed enough to feel well enough to go to the Michigan vs. Notre Dame game with Rich, Richie, and Leah. Truthful? I could have cared less about the game I was just happy and thankful to spend time with a few of my loves! The minute I made the decision to go to the game I knew there was going to be consequences to pay, as usual. Yup, it is true I am one of those, I am almost always right on everything. Just ask Rich. If he tells you different please let me know so I can set him straight. Yes, I am paying the price.

You see, being chronically ill, and having to take drugs that make my immune system weak, weaker than it already is, always causes me issues. I must be very careful to stay away from large crowds, and stressful situations or people who stress me out. Every time I am get around these things I end up getting ill. This time is no different. I am almost sure I know where most of the germs attacked me that day. It wasn't at the game it was those stinky grungy, germ infested port a potties at our tailgating site, but I'll leave those gruesome details to your imagination. One thing I will say is that when I got back to the car my hands were taking a bath in hand sanitizer but I am pretty sure the fumes inhaled into my nostrils couldn't have been killed even if I had snorted enough hand sanitizer to fill my sinus cavities to full capacity. (I hate that word capacity I can't even believe I am using it right now)

The first few days after the game I was very tired I tried to sleep more to make up for all the extra energy I had to use the day of the game. In my mind I always try to use the, well if I do this it will cancel out that mentality. Do too much? Sleep more! Better! Wrong! My sinus's started hurting and I thought oh great here we go. I have been fighting off the warning signs in my head. Waiting and telling myself that tomorrow I will feel better. Plus, when you see doctors on a regular basis the last thing you want to do is call  them when you have a cold. Finally after the past few days of some serious chest pain, coughing, and shortness of breath I decided it was time.

You must understand making this call to my doctor is extremely painful for me. It is like the scene that goes something like this, if you can picture it. I pick up the phone and the phone becomes like an alligator. Think of a man wrestling with an alligator. This is me with the phone. Truly, we are rolling around on the bed and finally I must give in and dial the numbers. Not the kind of rolling around on the bed I like but whatever. Although I am starting to develop a bit tougher skin on the outside and even on the inside. After all an alligator has tough skin so why can't I, especially after the phone just tried to kill me. So this time my message sounded something like this: Hello, blah, blah, blah (the explanation to the nurse of what is going on) then something I have never done before. AND TELL HER (my Dr.) I AM NOT GOING TO URGENT CARE! WOW! For once it worked I really stood up for myself. I mean really after having umpteen million infections in my chest I think I can be classified as my own doctor by now. Really! Also, if you need a diagnosis you can call me too, I am usually spot on if you give me your symptoms. One of my friends even calls me DOC.

So within a few hours I called the Pharmacy and TAADAH! There it was,a script for an antibiotic. Don't get me wrong, not that I am happy to have another script added to my regimen but I am happy to say that tomorrow by this time I will be feeling better and able to spend some quality time with the ones I love! That makes standing up for myself all the sweeter!

Plus, now I can say I AM sick so I really do need some ice cream to help me feel better :)

May God Bless You All!



  1. Ug. I SO get what you're saying. I went to the County Fair with my hubby and son. I do not care for the fair. I do not like to be around scads of people which include everyone from the elite to the dregs of humanity. Jacob had the time of his life...which of course, as a mom, warms my heart. However, he had to ride every ride he was big enough for, and I just HAD to rest. I KNEW Doug wouldn't sanitize his hands after every ride like I would have, but I couldn't keep up. We were there for 8 hours for crap's sake. So yeah, that was 9-11. Jacob got a fever 36 hours later, and is still coughing a bit. I nursed him for 3 days before coming down with it myself. The things we go through! Love the blog Dianne....keep writing!! : )

  2. Well of course you would get it. You know what has been the worst thing? Getting back on the steroids. The other DMARDS I take cause me to get sick but nothing like the steroids. Man! Annoying! Thanks for the comment(s) Love them!