Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On The Mend

I must say after a crazy busy weekend I am finally starting to feel better this morning, as far as the fatigue goes. Of course this is wonderful especially because today is the day I inject myself with poison to keep my arthritis symptoms at bay. Don't get me wrong I am thankful for my meds but for the next twenty-four hours I will get a headache, feel puckie, and very tired. Plus, on top of that I have to have a crown so I will be sitting in a dentist chair for an hour and a half. To many that is no big deal but for me not to move for an hour and a half can be very painful, but I will get through it! The best part, because of my shot, is that by Friday I will, hopefully, start to feel better for the weekend. I sure do hope so because this plan did not work the past week. I have been swollen and sore all week. Of course the week after I saw my Rheumatologist I get hit with a  flare, they never hit when I actually see her. I was feeling great the six weeks before my appointment. Then WHAM like a bus hitting a brick wall, it all starts up again. It sure isn't easy but I am hopeful that this will turn around, and I know it will, it is just a matter of when. Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Who knows? But I keep the hope while trying to keep my head held high and my emotions at bay.
I woke up this morning very weepy for some reason. What I like to call being a cry baby. I knew the pain was still there so of course all I wanted to do was cry. But then I sat at the computer, went on my facebook, and started reading the inspiration I find there everyday. The great quotes of hope that I read. The posts of my friends who are struggling much more than I right now and it pulls me out of the cry baby, feel sorry for myself, stage.  I can't thank all of my facebook friends enough for all times you have brought me out of the valley of self pity. I love you all!

Well, thats all for today. Now, onward we go!

God Bless!!



  1. Hey Dianne...
    Great blog! I didn't know you had one...I am so all over this. I so get what you mean about 1. going to the doctor at your "scheduled time" and feel fine...then 2. going on facebook to get encouraged. Without my computer I am an island!

  2. Yes I know you understand it all to well Kerri. Much more than I do. I have been so inspired by your blog and a few others. It sure does help to write your thoughts down, good and bad. I am honored you would read mine. Thank you!

  3. Dianne, I wish you NOTHING more than better days ahead. I can relate to your blog, because I live it also, you took the words right out of my mouth..Thank you for writing this, even though it is not mine, it helps me so much and gives me inspiration one day to get mine started..I pray for anyone struggling with Chronic anything to find relief someday..but until then, smile with your heart if it cannot be on your face..positivity goes along way..:) and our facebook family..:)
    <3 and hugs * Doreen.

  4. Thank you for your positive attitude it helps me too!! I appreciate you too Doreen!