Monday, September 19, 2011

Love! It May Be Something Different To Each Of Us

Last week I posted something about love. I received a comment from a friend that made me start to think about love, the true meaning of love. I have been pondering on love all weekend. Rich and I even talked about the different kinds of love listed in the bible.

How in the world do you define love in your own terms. As for me, I believe love means something different to everyone. There is the love you have for a friend. The love you have for a parent. The love you have for your children. The love you have for your spouse. The love you have for God. The love you have for your grandchildren. The love you have for strangers. The love you have for things. This could go on and on but I am sure you get the picture.There are many different kinds of love and how we define them are ours, and ours alone. No one can say you are wrong because we all experience love in different ways and some times that love is determined by the relationships we have developed with someone.

When I think of love and the way I define it is more than the feeling(s) of love. It is the thought that the love I carry for people, whom I truly love, lights up my heart when I see them and it continues to keep my heart warm when they are away from me. It is something that encourages me to go on and to be happy I have them in my life. The warmth that is there until the next time I see them when the fire is lit up again to an even warmer glow. It is like a never ending circle for me. When I don't see the people I love my glow goes dim but none the less it dreams of the day I get to light it up again like when you put fresh logs onto a fire.

Then there is the love my husband, Rich, has modeled for me. Rich has shown me a love that I have never known before. Yes, I have had a love like this from my children, the love of, I need you, but I am talking about a deeper love that is almost unexplainable.
It happens a lot with him. It is the unspoken love. The love I feel in the air. The love he sends me in his eyes. The love I feel when we are together when no words are spoken. The love he leaves me on the counter in a note almost every morning. The text he sends me when we are sitting in the same room, that tells me you are so beautiful, that makes us laugh out loud because neither one of us can understand how the youth of today can send texts to each other when they are sitting five feet apart from each other. It is when he tells me he is the luckiest man and I just don't understand why he says it as tears roll down my face. It is when I call him or he calls me to just see how I am doing and when it isn't so good he offers to drop everything and come home or go to the store if I need something. It is how he takes over when I'm weak or in pain. You see, it is all the little things that make up one big thing, our love. Unexplainable love, yet very explainable.

In reading this love is more than a feeling it is a commitment, a life long promise to someone you love. It is not being able to live without one another while at times wanting to run as far away from each other as you can, something I am sure Rich has felt but has never let onto it. Love is a give and take. With as much as Rich gives to me I do not like to continue to take from him. It rips me apart on the insides but I also know, it is what it is. I try as often as I can to give back to him. It isn't much what I am able to give him as it takes so much energy for me to just get through the day. But I still try none the less. When he tells me I am the best wife ever it confirms I am doing the best I can with what I have.

I hope in reading this is helps you define what love is to you and I hope it makes your relationship(s) stronger in the process no matter what obstacles life has thrown your way.

May God Bless Your Day!!


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