Friday, January 13, 2012

What Do I Really Need To Own In This Life?

The other day I was reading a magazine I received from my mother. We have this cycle going on where she gets a magazine and reads it only to pass it along to me and then I pass it along to my daughters. I think the magazine was either Woman's Day or Family Circle which had a pull out section and the title of it was 75 all-time favorite people, places, & things. Interesting to me because I am not much of a people worshiper or a thing worshiper so I was interested to see what the person who wrote this pull out had to say.

First the list of people. Reading the list really shocked me there are people on there who had absolutely no influence on the world as I am able to see. I mean really, I write and quote, "Farah Fawcett The hair, the smile, the girl next door sweetness" Huh? Not sure she really is one of my favorites. But then Oprah makes it on the list. I will give the writer that. Yes, I do agree Oprah has changed the world in many good ways even though I still have some sort of a love hate relationship with her. I do not like nor do I agree that someone should think they can be a ruler and dictate to everyone what they should or shouldn't do. She walks in a room and it is like everyone stands to attention as she "takes over." I can go on but I will stop the others on the list are not worth mentioning either but you get the picture.

Second we move on to the things on the list. I will only list a few of these too as my list looks much different. A-line skirts. Oh ya one of my favorite things- NOT! Color TV. I remember growing up with black and white and my whole life didn't get better the day my parents bought a colored one. Flat velveteen hanger, heck I couldn't even tell you what those are. Kitchen islands, ya how in the world did we ever live without those? Spray on sunblock nice but really is it that hard to rub a little cream on your body? Geeze, lazy America at its best right there. Retinol cream, another can't live without? Another NOT for me. Cream? Are we suppose to use wrinkle cream? I kind of like mine just as they are thank you very much. I earned them all with the hell I have been through. They remind me I a strong and I have come a long, long way!

Third is the places list. This part I cannot comment on because I really do not and never have traveled. I will not comment on places I know nothing about the except all of them on the list are states in the US that sound pretty interesting. I'll leave it at that.

Now the list according to chronically ill person. Yes, my list looks much different than the one in the magazine.

First my list of people. Most of you already know this list if you have read any of my past blogs. Of course my family. Rich being #1! The person who shops, picks up, caters to my every whim when I am really sick. Thankfully I have been doing ok lately so it is the minor things I might need him to do for me at this time. I am forcing myself to shop, alone I might add, not easy but I am doing it! Katie and Steph who are always there to do anything that needs to be done and always asking how they can help us. My parents or Rich's mom dropping off meals once in a while which are always like someone dropped off a million dollars. Of course I cannot leave out Richie and Leah at U of M always checking in to see how things are going. Hunter and Addi and their hugs and kisses which keep me going when they are not here until the next time we meet. Last but not least on my list are my doctors who care for me. Dr. Jolene Key, Dr. Christopher Glisson, Dr. Jennifer Cory, Dr. Darren Grunwaldt, and I could never leave out Dr. Kevin Hayes even thought he moved away. I love you all! Without them I would be a mess I am truly blessed to have some of the best doctor's in this area taking care of me! You see to me the people that are all time favorites for me are right under my nose. Not just names of far off people who have nice hair or egos the size of Texas.

Second on  my list is things. Ahhh the things that I need and what is important to me. Well, there is one thing I will admit I wouldn't want to live without and that is my computer. My lifeline to the world and music. My connection to something other than my body controlling  my life. I am thankful for my computer.
Other than that the material  things that are  my all time favorites are: Medication, without it I would not be able to do much at all. Heat in any form, bath, heating pad, gels, creams, Thermacares, and hot tubs. Pillows of every size, fullness, firmness, and softness. Books to read and educate me. When I am able to get my eyes to cooperate so I can read, and the words aren't traveling all over the pages, I am thankful for glasses. I am thankful for Temperpedic material, stretchy pants that help me move easier when I am in pain, you didn't really think I would leave stretchy pants out of the list did you? Quick take out places like Subway or Jimmy Johns, both healthy and delicious at the same time.My laundry room so I do not have to go up and down stairs to do the wash. Electric can openers and anything else electric that makes life easier for me. My SUV. You see if I had a car I would be stuck in it trying to get out once I got in. I would need a crane to follow me everywhere to help me out so that would be even worse for the environment. So yes I am very thankful for SUV's! Handicap stickers. Of which I still do not have but would like to get. I just feel if I do that is like the last straw so I am putting it off. I just keep saying can you imagine if I park in handicap and get out of the car? People will look at me like what is wrong with you? People have no idea how going anywhere makes me weak, weak, and weaker. I just don't want those looks, not yet. I am sure I could go on and on but I will free you from my tedious life.

Third is the place category. For me the places I like are the bathtub, my couch, anywhere in the comfort of my own home where I will not be a burden to anyone. Of course my most favorite place of all is in my husbands arms feeling safe from this cruel and crazy world. When I am here I feel the best and there is no one looking at me and thinking she doesn't look sick. He knows. He lives it right along with me. So ya I would say that is my favorite place to be.

In ending this crazy post it is my hope that you will take a look at all the people, places and things that you couldn't live without. I am sure your list would be a little different than mine but we can all agree that this life isn't about all we can gather and possess but what we can give out and what we can receive from the ones we love and the ones who love us!

God Bless!


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