Sunday, February 5, 2012

One Size Does Not Fit All Unless You Are Talking About Stretchy Pants

I have always hated and cringed every time I hear the term One Size Fits All. It seems, at least for me, that every time I see that term when buying a t-shirt or jacket the One Size Fit All does not pertain to me. Yes, there is one time this may be true, when it comes to stretchy pants. Seriously you can lose and gain the same 10-20 pounds and those babies are faithful to the end. So, okay I admit we will make an exception for the stretchy pants from KMart because those things still make my heart go pitter patter.

As I laid awake in bed last night in pain I was thinking about the One Size Fits All World. I sure do not want to offend anyone who is reading this so if you have your boxing gloves on stop reading this now. I believe what I believe, you believe what you believe. I respect that and I hope you would do the same for my beliefs if not just leave it alone.

First the work force. How can people complain about someone who have worked hard to "make it" at their job and say it isn't fair? How do we know how hard someone has worked to make it to where they are? We don't. We have no idea the suffering a person has gone through to hold their job. Climbing up the ladder of success. Working from the bottom  to the top. Blood, sweat, and tears. How come people can't just be happy for each other instead of saying, "he,she, they make so much money?" Life isn't about money. One Size Does Not Not All in this part of life.
I have struggled with this for years being a non-working woman and having to listen to others make comments about it. Rich having to work twice as hard to make up for the wages I didn't bring into the family. So people should really think about this before they open their big mouths. Pay scales are different for a reason. People at the top suffer. They devote their lives to making sure everything runs smooth, and to provide jobs. If you have never experienced this then you have no idea. Not to mention that many of them doctors, lawyers and the such spent years and thousands of dollars on college degrees to earn their positions. We must never forget the road to success is never as easily traveled as everyone thinks it is. One Size Does Not Fit All.

My next and most annoying point to make in the One Size Fits All World is the medical field. This has weighed very heavy on my heart for a very long time but this week it hit me hard when I went on my chart on the computer through one of my doctors office's. There was a part that had a record of all my weights from all the times I have been in there. At the bottom of the chart it said, "Lap Band." If you do not know what the lap band it is a surgery they do to tie off some of your stomach so you can lose weight. I was, and still am, furious! I have never discussed this with any of my doctors so why is that in my chart. Yes, I am over weight, I know, but there is NO WAY IN HELL I would ever be having any surgery to lose a few pounds. Plus, who's choice is that to make?

Next item on the list are all of all the charts when you go to the doctor. The BMI chart. One Size Fits All? Are you kidding me? I don't think so. You cannot tell me that I should be the same weight and height as everyone else who is on that chart who is the same height as me. We are all genetically made up different. I am considered obese according to my BMI but if you saw me you would never dream that I could actually weight as much as the scales says I do. My cholesterol is fine as wine and my blood pressure is usually perfect unless I am worked up about seeing yet another doctor. One Size Does Not Fit All! I am not allowing the government, pharmaceutical companies or my doctors believe that they can control my medical health. I sure don't need them to convince me I am a fat ass I can do a good job of that all by myself thank you very much.

If One Size Does Fit All then how come someone who has the same illness as another person can be taking a totally different drug then the other person. For instance, someone may have Rheumatoid Arthritis. They give each person Methotrexate. It works for one person to control the pain but it does not for the other person. Same drug, same dose, different results. SO isn't that a pretty good indication that it is NOT a One Size Fits All world right there? Plus this happens everyday with many people who have many different diseases than RA. What works for one person does not work for another. Why? Because One Size Does Not Fit All!

Look at diet's. You can't say that one diet fits all. I can't eat dairy while someone else can. One Size Does Not Fit All. Other people cannot eat wheat while I can. One Size Does Not Fit All. This is where it starts to get murky when I hear about the government wanting to tell people how and what to eat. I think there is a very fine line that is drawn here and they need to be very careful about erasing it. One Size Does Not Fit All.

This probably goes along with the above and since I am on a roll another thing that drives me crazy lately is television. I can't watch one program without them telling me I am eating wrong, not getting enough exercise, or whatever other stupid lame campaign they are coming up with. How dare anyone tell us we are fat, stupid or lazy. We should stop eating McDonald's or whatever else we choose to eat. The last I checked this was a free country. Or have I missed something? Seriously people we all are going to die. Really its true. We can't run from that. Now am I saying we should eat that stuff everyday, absolutely not! We must take care of ourselves but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a little crappy food and some fun once in while. Dr Oz and all these medical shows will have you feeling so guilty that your self esteem may as well be flushed down the toilet. Don't do this, don't do that. It is our choice to do what we want. I can make my own decisions just fine by myself. I am a big girl. One Size Does Not Fit All. We all must do the best we can. We all must enjoy life and at the same time and not have to feel guilty every time we turn on the television.
One Size Does Not Fit All!

NOW after all of that lets hope I can sleep tonight!!

God Bless America, we need it right now!


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