Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Pick Door #3

Yesterday was not as good, health wise, as the few days previous but there is nothing to really complain about. My neck was a little screwed up and I had a headache that wouldn't go away. I knew the pain medication my doctor ordered last week should arrive so I was happy when I went to the mailbox and found it in there. I popped one right away and it helped the headache and the neck pain. No side effects except a mild shortness of breath which I deal with on a daily basis anyways. I was happy I did not have any of the other side effects listed. It is always scary to take a new drug not knowing what it will do to you. I have fought a long time to NOT take prescription pain meds but I had to cave in after this last flare.

The rest of the afternoon I struggled with the thought of taking this new drug when I went to bed because I had no idea the affect it would have on me. I take other drugs at bedtime for pain and I was afraid of adding another pill to the mix. Boy was I right to fret over it. I spent the night awake all night with a strange feeling in my chest, which is nothing new as I do experience this on a regular basis, except it was worse last night. Shortness of breath was worse and had an all around awful feeling throughout the whole night. The strange feeling is one of those symptoms that is unexplainable, sort of like trying to explain the fatigue of chronic illness. Finally at 3 or 4 am I feel asleep. The meds must have left my system or their time span was up and all the symptoms got better.

I have more decisions to make on taking this medication so today I will think even more.You must understand, even the thought of adding another medication to my already long list has been a struggle in itself. As I laid in bed I thought of my scenarios. When you are wide awake your mind has a way of thinking weird things. Add drugs into the mix and it is a real party in your head. Here is what I came up with. Do you remember the show Lets Make A Deal? I thought to myself I can make a deal with myself. I can pick door #1, door #2, or door #3.

Door #1-You can take all three drugs at bed and suffer every night like you are right now.
Door #2-You can cut back on either of the two other drugs you take at bed and take the pain med each night.
Door #3-You can skip the pain med and continue what seems to be working best for you.

As you saw from my title above I have chosen Door #3. Why mess with a good thing, right? Plus I figure if I do get into trouble pain wise I now have something stronger to take during the day. Tylenol Arthritis really does nothing and I cannot take Ibuprofen because of drug interactions and stomach issues.

Ah the game of drugs. The choices we all must make on what to take and what not to take. It is no fun trying to decide. I wish I had a magic wand to wave over my body and it would all just go away. I don't so for now I push on just as many of you reading this do. We find what works for us and we continue to press on. We think about our treatment plans and we make changes or keep what ever works for us. We all know what works for one person does not work for another and we all must find what works for us. We pick our door and we push on. What other choice do we have?

God Bless!


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